About us

Thien Thien Nhan Co., Ltd (TTN) was established in 2006, We are proud to be a pioneer in material technology. GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete), TTN is the first unit in Vietnam to be transferred production technology GFRC from Power- Sprays Limited of the UK- A company specializing in the production of equipment for the manufacturing industry GFRC.

In the field of new materials GFRC, TTN is one of the leading enterprises, not merely providing products GFRC According to customer requirements, we provide solutions and advice to partners with standards, standards on GFRC materials and suitable applications for each product, project, and project.

TTN pursue and aim to produce products GFRC according to global standardization. To do that, we are always strict in building and controlling the production process, choosing the right raw material sources. One of them ingredients alkali resistant fiberglass is the core element constituting the material GFRC, we always use the alkali resistant glass fiber material of Nippon Electric Glass Co.,Ltd Japan and are a longtime partner of Nippon Electric Glass.

In addition, the investment in people and the management system is always concerned by TTN, constantly improving and upgrading. We are proud to be the unit that manufactures products by GFRC successfully deploying and applying ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system management model, being certified with BSCI (Bussiness Social Compliance Initiative) and ISO 9001- 2015.

TTN has a team of skilled and experienced personnel, with 02 GFRC factories. We look forward to serving our customers and partners, looking forward to bringing you standard GFRC products with the best services and utilities.