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Located in Tam Phuoc Industrial, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province.
Production capacity to meet orders from 300 to 500 containers annually, specific to each commodity group:
·         GFRC Boulder and Pannel: 5,000 m2/month
·  GFRC moulding, door frames, decorative of GFRC materials 10,000 products/month.
·        Mountains of GFRC products, lakes decorated with GFRC materials: 1,000 products/month
·         Concrete Wall Tiles: 3,000 m2/month
·         Paver products with concrete materials: 5,000 m2/month

·         Cement Furniture Product: Table/ Table top/ Cement top for Cabinet/ Chair (Bench/ Stool) with the light weight material: 3,000 m2/month

·       Other GFRC, GFRG items

         We are exporting the cement furniture product to the United States, Australia and other Asian countries such as: Singapore, Taiwan and Myanmar, Japan.

The Company gradually asserted its position in VietNam with the application GFRC materials for the ornamental exterior precast with the advantages of superior bass art-quality and cost price.

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